1st Grade

  Welcome to the 1st Grade Teacher Page

First graders continue to build their phonemic awareness skills throughout the year.  Fundations, Secret Stories, Raz-Kids, Reading A-Z, are just a few of the resources that compliment our Journey's reading series. The "Daily 5" is a tool used to guide center work in the English Language Arts area. Students continue to develop their love of reading and writing.
"My Math" is the one math program used as a classroom resource. Exploring word problems, writing problems and math facts are just the tip of what happens in math. Hands-on activities, comparing numbers, place value, skip counting, and more happens throughout the year. Rocket Math is a personal challenge the students enjoy as well as "Sumdog." 
STEM/STREAM  activities coincide throughout the various curriculums. Students utilize science, technology, engineering, math, religion, art and English language skills to try to solve problems and create solutions.
In religion, children learn about the Mass as well as our liturgical calendar. They love learning about the Saints. The children get to dress up and portray their saint at Mass at the school as well as the main Church for "All Saints Day."