2nd Grade


Welcome to the 2nd Grade Teacher page   

Second graders continue to read more and write more. They love writing stories and reading chapter books. Fundations, Raz-kids, Reading A-Z, supplements the Journey's reading series. The "Daily 5" is a tool used to guide center work in the English Language Arts area. The students are very excited to begin cursive writing this year.
"My Math" is the one math program used as a classroom resource. Reading word problems, writing problems, graphs, double-digit addition, and subtraction with regrouping build upon the previous skills taught and learned. Rocket Math is a personal challenge the students enjoy as well as "Sumdog." 
STEM/STREAM  activities coincide throughout the various curriculums. Students utilize science, technology, engineering, math, religion, art and English language skills to try to solve problems and create solutions.
In religion, children learn about the Mass as well as our liturgical calendar. Second-grade is a Sacramental year. Reconciliations and 1st Communion brings much excitement and joy to our classroom. The non-Catholic students share their traditions. We respect each other as God commanded, "To love one another." The commandments guide our class on our spiritual journey.


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