3rd Grade

Ms. Stottlemyer

Welcome to the 3rd Grade Teacher page

Third graders utilize their reading, writing, spelling, grammar, speaking, and listening skills across all subject areas. Non-fiction text in the English language arts delves into science and social studies content providing information about climate, renewable/non-renewable resources, communities, famous people, and more. They further develop their map skills and deepen their understanding of charts, graphs, and their uses.
Multiplication is expanded from single digit to double digit multiplication. Students work with clocks, factions, and skills for long-division. Reading and writing word problems are emphasized as well. "Sumdog" and "rocket math" provide opportunities to improve math fact skills. Students further expand and grasp their math vocabulary through their writing and modeling in classwork and homework.
In religion, students explore the Old and New Testament. They focus on the Ten Commandments, share traditions, and further study the Liturgical Church seasons. Types of prayers, new prayers, the Creed, and Psalms are other areas of emphasis. Respecting one another, recognizing our differences; are life challenges students face and create solutions to live by in and out of school. They focus on how to be peacemakers.