4th Grade

Mrs. Yinger

Welcome to the 4th Grade Teacher page    

Fourth grade is part of our upper school and is a transition year from primary to the intermediate grades in school. The math fact skills, reading skills, and grammar skills are applied across the content areas by the students independently. Non-fiction, fiction, and various genres of literature are read and analyzed for theme, point-of-view, memory moments and more. Evidence for answers in the content areas of math, science, and social studies is necessary for students to model their comprehension skills and deepen their reasoning and knowledge of the content.
Pennsylvania history, geography, and economics is explored this year. Students learn about Native Americans, famous Pennsylvanians such as William Penn, our industries, and agriculture. The Appalachians, rivers, and wildlife are key elements as well.
Collaboration and team building skills continued to be developed and utilized as students solve everyday problems in math and science. Technology and research skills which include citation of sources, assist students in growing in their depth of knowledge and understanding. Safe surfing the internet, using keywords, coding, and office products are necessary for student use in all subject areas and the navigation of technology resources.