6th Grade

Mrs. Salter

Welcome to the 6th Grade Teacher page

Sixth grade is our last class of upper school at St. Rose of Lima. The students continue to apply their English language skills across the subject areas. Technology in the form of "electronic notebooks,"  labs utilizing our tech center, and various website surfaces require students to use coding skills, 365 Office programs, and paper and pencil, to demonstrate their knowledge of understanding.
Religion looks at Church history and a deeper understanding of the Mass. Students have writing buddies with kindergarten and share their other gifts with them. Opportunities to serve at Mass as lectors and altar servers are a small part of their engagement in service opportunities. The sixth-graders serve as role models and lead with enthusiasm and confidence leading prayers in the morning and the end of the day. They often share their STREAM projects with the lower school classes.
Research and citing sources are critical skills used in the various content areas. The students continue their preparation to be college, career, and heaven ready.