Mr. Neal Liptak, Development Director: [email protected]

Earned Income Tax Credit - Please click on the link to learn more about EITC and if it can work for your business.

St. Rose of Lima Scholarship




St. Rose of Lima School has initiated a “Development” program. Mr. Neal Liptak spearheads the Development Program in collaboration with Mrs. Peg Rizzuto, the school principal. Father Dan Richards oversees the direction of this new program.

Development takes on many forms. We hope to expand our Development Program into different areas; as for now, we will focus on the three areas listed above.

Our Vision is to enhance the St. Rose of Lima Scholarship Fund, review and assess school fundraisers, and to initiate an EITC program.


Our Sponsors

We are blessed to have many spiritual, and financial supporters of our school. Many of our donors provide financial support to our parish as well. We acknowledge our sponsors at our various fundraising events and activities. We hope to expand this acknowledgment in more permanent and visual ways in our future.