Faith & Academics

School Board

2019-2020 School Board Members include:

Father Dominic Azagbor,OP

Pastor St. Rose of Lima Church
Mrs. Sharon Johnston Principal  


Name Children’s Name & Age

How long have you been part of St. Rose School

How long have you served on School Board


Mrs. Erin Dull


Mia (7), Ella (4)

3 years 2 years

Mrs. Brandy Goodman                           


Owen 12, Lilliana 7

7 years 3 years

  Mrs. Brandy Goodman                

Marketing Lead



   Mr. Tom Sedlacko

Building and facilities lead

Audrey -Kindergarten


 Mrs. Lacey Harang

Voting Member

Lacey Harang


 Mrs. Kristy Brandt                                

Voting Member





Mrs. Allison Kraft,                             

Voting Member


Adler Kraft 8 - Ellis Kraft 6

3 years 2 years

Mrs. Maggie Little,                     

Voting Member


Eli 10 Cooper 6

7 years 2 years