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Curriculum Information:


St. Rose of Lima School follows the curriculum set forth by the Diocese of Harrisburg. This curriculum meets the state standards set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


The school follows the Diocese of Harrisburg in adopting the “National Common Core Standards” and is aligned with the PA State Standards.


The curriculum can be found here: HERE


A variety of resources are used to implement instruction. The staff at St. Rose of Lima utilizes web sites, technology, textbooks, and manipulatives, and also partners with parents and community resources to enhance the education of our students. Teachers differentiate, scaffold, and tier instruction. Accommodations are made when and if a student’s evaluation indicates that this is warranted.


Cooperative learning groups, small group, whole group, and individual instruction are ways students are engaged in the learning process. Skills such as note-taking and outlining, organization, decision making, independent activities, and personal responsibility are all emphasized and reinforced across the curriculum.